Neuro Science Subject Guide

The brain is a very interesting subject to study. As you can see in the illustration, these are the basic parts of the brain. These sections each have a job to do;
Frontal Lobe - memory, speech skills, learning, emotion, and personality
Parietal Lobe - touch, pain, and senses
Temporal Lobe - Hearing
Occipital Lobe- Sight
Cerebellum- Controls your muscle and balance, also gets info from your spinal cord and other prts of the brain!

Now what do you think would happen if you got a gunshot wound applied to the back of your brain? You would have sight problems, or even go blind!

Lets check out the skins protecting your brain!brainy.jpg As you can see, these are the layers of skin that cover the brain as protection.

The scary part is that if you have a force applied to your brain, your brain might move- if it moves it could get bruised, the brain getting bruised, is what we call a concussion!

Cool Facts!!!!!
Would you believe- that ancient egyptians once believed that the heart was the center of intellengence?

Ever wonder how big the 

Check Out this video about the brain to learn more!