Minecraft is a very fun and creative game where you have to build and craft tools to survive from the many kinds of monsters that will try to get you.


  1. Zombie, a normal enemy that will chase you until it dies
  2. Skeleton, an enemy that comes equipped with a bow and arrow and will try to shoot you from a distance.
  3. Creeper, a very annoying enemy, whenever you get near one of these it will explode dealing massive damage and destroying anything around it.
  4. Slime, green blobs that come in all sizes, they can only damage you if they're big enough.


Planks-1 piece of wood anywhere, turns into 4 planks.
Crafting table- 4 planks forming a square, turns into 1 crafting table.
Sticks- 2 planks going up in a straight line, turns into 4 sticks.
Sword- going up, place 1 stick and 2 planks, stone, iron, gold, diamonds, any of the listed items will work.
Shovel- going up, place 2 sticks and 1 plank, stone, iron, gold, diamond, any will work.