Discrete Math

If you're interested in discrete math, you're probably not here surfing the web looking for wiki pages made by teens from Nova Scotia. But suppose you are. Well get off this website and go to some of these websites instead.


This is just a basic explanation of discrete math. Discrete math is basically any math having to do with sets. Stuff like combinatorics, set theory, graph theory and logical stuff. You don't usually learn discrete math in high school because they're all focused on building you up to calculus which most people don't even choose to take in university. Weird. But then again, that's why those guys are teachers and not, you know, scientists and engineers like all the smart people are.


Here's a cool site called 'MathForum'. You can browse it and stuff and the good part is, well, hold on, lemme think about that for a bit. It has a buncha sections on discrete math and it's really fun.


Here's a little more info on discrete math, covering all the different sections and stuff. Like stuff like that.

But if you trust that no obnoxious teenager is going to edit the Wikipedia site for discrete math and ruin all the information, then just go there.


Seriously. No matter what teachers say, Wikipedia is always the best resource. Sometimes it's pranked, but only on the really hot topics. I mean one time I went on the Wikipedia article for animal porn ... oh, wait, no I didn't. Heh heh.

Well anyway, see ya.